1-Welcome and fuckety fucky fuck fuck.

Welcome TTS.

Pop a squat, enjoy the ride.

Lets make this clear

What this IS

  • a place for the faint of heart we will give your courage or at least make you realize that you peed your pants
  • the PC because we like to offend because its funny and really not that serious
  • the one who gets offended and send a note before you do it, we should tell you we will post it and comment on it and well  we are NOT shy
  • for those who judged because you have forgotten empathy and the humanity of living
  • or those who are afraid to admit they are judging… lol well read the above, we all need humanity and we are all living

I am Gg, and my partner in crime, co-writer, and friend is Bd.

  • 2 gals that have been friends for 22+ years.
  • We have random thoughts provoked by well random things and we are FRIENDLY, so we are sharing.
  •  We will make you cry, laugh, gasp, and come back for more after

Many others have run away to hide, many more will follow bahahahah

It is our goal and ambition to widdle it down to a almost cult following of others who, well, just get it.

Welcome to the odd balls, the freaks, the outsiders, the middles, the folks that make the world go round, silently or with a bang.

You are welcome here.

P.s Go to the shout out page! Add your blog , your site, you! Pass it along and add your friends! Its our way of paying it forward Y’all!



28 thoughts on “1-Welcome and fuckety fucky fuck fuck.

  1. Is it improper to tell you that I think I’m in love with you….. er, your blog? After all, we have only just met. There is a simplistic honesty to this blog that I adore. Thank you for being forthright, to the point and just blunt. I’ve got my eye on you not in that creepy stalker way; but in the way where I come back to visit often.

  2. Hi!!
    Thanks for taking a peek at my blog. I appreciate the visit 🙂
    I love blogs that can make me laugh and smile, and are REAL….You a “Breath of Fresh air,” even with the Bad Words!….LOL. I’m a New Fan and Following 🙂
    *Happy Weekend*
    Author, Cat Lyon* 🙂

  3. I have finals this week and should be studying, but instead I’m reading y’all shit. Ha, fuck it! It’s too good not to read. I share the same sentiments as y’all so that’s why I will enjoy the hell out of this blog. Thanks for keeping it real!

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