There are just days where you have to take a stand.

Days where despite all the bull shit and things you feel you can change or not.

You have to stand.

There are moments that define us and to my surprise I acknowledge that all of them do.

WE choose where we go, how we get there, or even if we will.

Decisions and choices all compiled to give us the moments of today and right now.

How we feel about them and what we think all just perception and perspective.

To succeed you must believe in success.. I can show you how to do something but if you have no interest we may not share the same passion. Not sharing passion is not a reason not to try it is just another reason to strive to find other points of connection.

Place the time and attention on what you wish to see and then look for it. Open yourself to the possibilities of the impossible.


Enjoy Thursday! Today is yesterdays tomorrow, and last years future you wished for. Today is the later of last weeks.. Do it. It is now the thing you were waiting for is right now. Enjoy and find joy in the abundance of your hard work. We all want what we want and it is possible and enough and there ready. Open and accept. I am and it feels wonderful.



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