5- I made Egg Foo Young today; shrimp, if you were wondering…

The house lady (aka maid/house keeper) came to me and said”I’m hungry lets eat Egg foo young. ” At with that one sentence my whole life changed. Lol Fuck no I am not joking egg foo young taught me some shit today and well I am going to share.

Take it for what you will. Pick it apart, touch it and taste it, enjoy the oddity of my existence. I do. And I adore egg foo young.

I will say this up front. I appreciate your support I gives 2 fucks about your opinions, but I still might find it tantalizingly interesting or fucking weird, but either way when I am done listening I dump and walk away, lol. For those that didn’t get it from above. What I am saying is if this place is not to you’re liking remember how you came in that is also the exit. I am unique and I fill a niche, I am not for you and I wish you continued success along your journey

For the rest of y’all Stop laughing and ROCK ON! smooches

Ok now! First I love FOOD! I cook, I am cook, I own an underground restaurant, I love food, really really love food. The reason I love food is for many reasons. Some of them raw and real, I have been hungry and I have lived without food. I know what it is like to have to choose between a bill and feeding my child; or my child eating and not myself. Or even younger, not having food because there really wasn’t any. Why? well because my mom had been gone for what could be unexpected drugcations.


Drug+Vacation=Drugcation: Defined as a period of unexplained loss of time where a drug user disappears in a magical state of dug induced euphoria, that only the drug user and their special friends exist in. This period of time varies and can lasted from minutes to as long as life times… Durgcations can be caused by any type of addiction; drugs / alcohols, person,place or things, or thoughts and ideology that allows us to lose balance and fall on either side of fence to harshly.  Hey this is my world! I am a therapist by training and well you’re here for a reason. Pick it apart and breath.


The other side of my love of food is that my dad was in the Air Force and we traveled a lot! I had the wonderful experience of sitting at many tables because my father was also a Chaplin and people fucking LOVE to feed the fuckin preacher and his family. To be kind and polite I had been taught, RATHER HARSHLY:


Raw think grinding on my foot with the heel of his shoes, pinching my arms/legs/neck. Verbally abusive, flicking my nose with his fingers, punching, slapping, chocking.. Those are all the incidents piled together but they are just words. They don’t describe a man who was treated 1000 times worse so to his eyes he was a loving, caring, involved, father. He was STERN. He was a christian who loved his child with a rod. He loves me and loved me the best way he knew how.. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt even if I do not blame him. In fact I love him more. I love him for trying and being there I love him for teaching me how to strive to learn more to do better to be better. NO one is perfect NO one is without faults NO one is not growing and changing.. It is in the moments we forget that lesson the lesson of humanity=empathy; that slippery slope cuts us deeply…

Brene Brown :Listen to this Ted Talk.


Ok I love food also because when you sit with someone you are no longer enemies. You are not expected to be immediate friends but you are showing a form of openness and vulnerability.

Food is a gateway to happiness in my world. I enjoy the deeply rooted love and stories that are often found in the sharing and exchange of food.

I also love to read and well whats better than a cook book? Well sense I asked!!  Books that talk about food and travel. OR WAIT even better still!!! Food, travel, sex!  If your interested in a tv version try Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown: Season 2: “Tokyo” OMy yes.

I am kinky to boot; no its not that shady shit; I have NOT read it.  We will chat about it, 1 thing I aint is shy.

As I cooked egg foo young today; it was the first time; and that is rare for me. I have eaten a lot of egg foo young but I am not sure why I have never made it up until today. I like it a LOT. It is the dish I judge a restaurant on. AND IT IS NOT AUTHENTIC I KNOW but I still love it.

I love that what it really is, is an omelet and ever culture has one. I made mine today with eggs from my own chickens. The first pancake turned into scrambled eggs. We ate it to make sure it was not poisoned and to check the flavors. I had twinked the ENTIRE recipe from googled from Rachel Ray, really only using it as a good blue print on techniques. By my 5th cake I felt like a pro! My sauce could use some work but I twinked that and will twink it again next time.

I say this to say; It was a success I was the fuckin best I had EVER done and I am proud. I feel that way often in life and I am doing my damnedest to make it automatic instead of saying often. What I strive for I achieve. I strive for my best every time and every time I meet it, no matter what the results and how others may judge them.

You find the blue print and twink it, make it your own and of course that goes for the omelets too. ROCK!




4 thoughts on “5- I made Egg Foo Young today; shrimp, if you were wondering…

  1. There is a beauty to first times not matter what variety they be. There is beauty in eggs both in potential and in taste. Truth, I’m having a shitty day. I’m struggling with the loss of my mother but our parents are just flawed humans who are flawed with limitations just the way we are. They do not control the lives we lead as adults even if their parenting style does impart some quirks, curses and blessings upon us. Reading your blog reminded me that we all have shitty days. I can either sit around and cry about it or get off my ass and cook. So I think I’ll cook.

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