6- Great reminder

I got a call today.

I was reminded.

They are always talking.

Just because you can’t see them don’t believe they are not talking, watching and paying attention.

That is why I enjoy giving the show!  Did I mention I am kinky and voyeurist too boot. Rising above it all and letting the kookie-lou’s see me shine is rite up and down my, well you get the idea.

How you use the tools around you is all about perspective and well the tools you have. The other thing is seeking. 

I have “it” because I want “it” bad enough to dig and give my all. no excuses, not even to myself.  no bull shit ass reasons why not today.

Today is my yesterday of last weeks that I prayed to see.

Today is the day that almost 4 years ago in my deeper moments of change I wondered how I could make it though.

I was pleasantly, ok outrageously fucken happily, reminded today that the other side is FUCKEN ROCK STAR AWESOME.

It was worth ever transition, it was worth ever bump, scrape, knock. I am student, I am master, I am teacher. Infinitely aware of my wealth and full of gratitude for the every changing journey. For I am abundance and plenty of who gives of fuck to lube me along the way.




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