7-The bucket…. and no, not the list one..shit!


(We had some technical difficulties so this has been revised. We are best friends who live apart about 3000 miles round trip (I (Gg) drove it last summer FUN TiME))

Did I just wake up and find that tornado had went through my house. Yes! It was named ‘To Many Mother Fucking Kids’. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them but dammit if they don’t fuck shit up!
It’s cool though Fuck It! It’s Saturday and I’m determined to have a good day. No, I’m not gonna clean this shit up and no, I’m not gonna fuss about it. What I am gonna do is walk around this bitch like I don’t see the shit and hope I don’t trip on some of this shit while I’m strutting around this bitch cause I think I’m extra cute today. Fuck it!
Oh if someone happens to show up don’t think for one minute that I’m gonna do a power 10 minute run and clean. My fuck it is way strong today!! You don’t like the way my house looks you can either clean it while I lift my feet up or leave. Either way I don’t care.
Now, I’ve said all of this to tell you about my “fuck it”. Fuck it has brought me a long way in life. I have really low stress levels. I’m able to look at a problem exactly for what it is. Sort out a solution and then say Fuck it. There is no issue that is worth me giving days and weeks of worry to. My ability to say fuck it and to let go has done so many wonderful things for me. I hope you can find your fuck it too.




I use to spend gobbles of time, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, that turned into years with fear. I had 99 things that I worried about, things that could go wrong, things that I thought would destroy me. I panicked on the inside a lot and spent a lot of time with a voice that stopped me from doing anything.

I am _______________. I use to fill that space with a lot of shit, and then one day I learned by example. My best-est of 22+ years throws a lot of fuckit around. I mean we have often agreed to disagree in a lot of things. But what I have learned in invaluable. She has taught me to be BRAVE, to look at the shit and acknowledge it, but not let it move me or change me. I am not the things around me. I am what I say I am.

The mess is not mess it is just an expression of our happiness exploding out and over and if you don’t like it FUCKIT! Change it.

99% of the things I worried about never showed up and for the 1% of shit that did. I got my bucket of fuckit and I applied my shit appropriately. In fact the things I feared the most turned out to be the very things I needed to change my life for the best!

And in that process I learned some shit, ok I learned hella shit!! The most important being that I got this shit and a bucket of fuckit is good in any situation.

Bucket-of-fuckit is meant to be tailored to meet your needs. Try it you will like it.




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