Craigslist personals


As someone completely new to the world of online dating, and my area (as I had recently moved). I wanted to try lots of different things to find a good fit for me. Initially, I gravitated toward Craigslist because it’s free, and I didn’t have to commit to posting an entire profile or answering countless match questions. I could toss up an ad in a few minutes time and take it down instantly if I didn’t like the results.
I was also drawn to Craigslist because the site appeals to a wide demographic. It seems like everyone has used Craigslist for something, whether that was buying a new futon or trying to track down that hottie from the bus stop you couldn’t work up the courage to talk to. I scored my current job (that I love) from an ad I originally saw posted on Craigslist, so I figured it…

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