Day 115, Ingredient No. 40-Pig’s Feet

The Culinary Lottery

Head-to-toe eating is in vogue at the moment if you have yet to notice. I find this fact to have both its pros and cons. The pros are the fact that it has now become fashionable to eat cuts of meat such as chicken liver, short ribs, head cheese, etc., opening up many eyes to the culinary possibilities of all parts of the animals to many new converts. I can also readily find these once “throw-away” cuts at most grocery stores in my area, even chains. However, the cons that are associated with the “head-to-toe” or “nose-to-tail” eating is that because it is in vogue, these once “throw-away” cuts are now ridiculously expensive. Well, except for pig’s feet as I found out today.

I  have mentioned before in this blog there are a few ingredients I added to my ingredient list because I had never cooked with them before. And…

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