Post #22 – Twerking Isn’t Welcome Here…

The Lunatics Lounge and Grill

Until recently, I was working in the call center of an upscale clothing company. After the last staff meeting I attended, my supervisor, Michelle, invited us up to her desk to let everyone know how much our bonuses for low handling time, high sales, etc., would be for our upcoming paycheck.

While standing in line to chat with Michelle about my bonus, the girl in front of me, Clarissa, a 20ish African American girl, started twerking. When Michelle saw Clarissa, she seemed completely mortified by Clarissa’s solo dancing, if you will.

“What’re you doing?” Michelle snapped.

Clarissa kept twerking, and another co-worker said, “Twerking, seriously?”

“I’ll twerk all I want, baby,” Clarissa said with a sarcastic smile as she exaggerated her hip grinding/thrusting even more.

“There’s no disco ball in here,” I said with a smirk.

Everyone cracked up – especially one of Michelle’s fellow supervisors, whose name is Leon…

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