Native American Corner (05-05-14)

Daily Happenings from poetsareangels

1. Parallels Drawn Between NBA’s Sterling and NFL’s Snyder on Racism

2. R-Word Lies: Don’t Confuse Free Speech With Hate Speech

3. Competitors Gear Up for the Jim Thorpe Games

Smithsonian/Cumberland County Historical Society
Jim Thorpe in his Carlisle Indian School track uniform, running in Stockholm at Olympic track practice.

4. New Report Aims to Help Navajo Nation Cope With Climate Change

Julie Nania, CU-Boulder
A butte on the southeastern portion of the Navajo Nation lands.

5. Video: Keystone XL Pipeline Protest in Washington DC – An Overview

6. Fresh, Young Blood: Get It While It’s Warm

Flickr Creative Commons/Lnk.Si

7. Tribal Rights Legend and Leader Billy Frank Jr. Walks On

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
Billy Frank Jr., a Nisqually tribal elder who was arrested dozens of times while trying to assert his native fishing rights during the 1960s and ‘70s, poses for a photo Monday, January 13, 2014…

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