Repost-The Surprising Beauty of a Travel Agent

Girl Tries Life

I’ve been living in an Expedia world.

For the past five years, my travel has been simple. Point A to point B. I felt no need for a travel agent. I would just search my flight, do a little research and find the best deal. Bing, bang, boom.

Or so I thought…

I made the foray back to a travel agent last week while planning my upcoming Southeast Asia trip. My husband and I were planning a ten day stopover, and heaven help me, that’s not something I could figure out how to do myself. Walking into the Flight Centre, I wasn’t confident that this experience would get me a deal, but was doing it more for convenience. Was I ever wrong?! For the flight searching that I was doing, the agent was able not only to manage my stopover, but to get me a cheaper deal than what I…

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