Repost-Why I Love Frontier Airlines

JETSET! Tales From Economy And Beyond!


Yes. That is right.  This tiny little budget airline has become one of my favorite in all of America. 

Why?  Well there are many reasons.

First, The animals on the wing.


Oh yes… its cheesy and they even have names like Larry the Lynx, Foxy the Fox, and Griswald the Bear.

Ok so look… when you’re crammed into a tiny seat, surrounded by loud strangers at 30,000 feet in the air ANYTHING will make you happy! They even have their pictures on the winglets and before you takeoff they let you know what animal you’re flying with.  oooohhhhhh God I’m such a little school girl with those animals… don’t judge bitches. 




The cookie (R.I.P Frontier Cookie) 

Oh yes… Frontier used to really let you feel the glamour of economy back in the day with their freshly baked cookies!  Sadly, now that Frontier is becoming a budget airline and…

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