11-I fall off wagons.. often ;0)

Most of us have now seen something about some girls, unless of course you have not. If you have not here ya go, Bring back our girls

Now here I go stirring the shit, but hey we do it all the damn time.

Bd and I talked about this exact topic yesterday or when ever. I said the following in a round-a-bout way.
“Follow the money” “sexual trafficking is nothing new” ” black women being harmed even less” “non American black women being harmed yes believe it or not (sarcasm) even less”.

I know that women are killed, rapped, sold and mistreated every day.

Doug Hatch was 51 when he married a girl 16!! It was in People Mag this situation on the same spectrum? YES!!!!

So here is my damn response!

Don’t jump on the wagon

I fall off them instead


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