18- Doing some shit, again


Ok I must admit that when I look back at our lives( mine Gg and Bd)

I realize a few things about us

1. We are tenacious ok nosy. We want to know so we will seek, try and experience… Now here’s the thing lol it’s taken us over and through a lot of shit!!

Ie. damn near EVERY diet known to humans : No carb, low carb, carb no meat, veggie, supper veggy, no sugar, no white, cabbage soup, Blood type, body type, 90/10, no eating after 6, and last but not least the who gives a fuck eat it all!!!

We have exercised at gyms, p90x fuckin shit killed me and I was NOT ready!!! curves, videos, dance, tapes, walk away the pounds, walk, swim, T25 you get the idea right! Hehehehe

Although thinking about it I realized we were always positive and excited! Goofy and willing to try. She and I are supper hero’s in our own manga/comic book saga!

We both have Master degrees, successful careers, happy and maturing relationships and partnerships, and it’s because we know our worth through habit! We use our best selves all the time.. And the best of who we are is ever evolving..

Now here we are maturing in life experiences which translates to we have FUCKED UP hella shit and learned a lot. Babe trust we are so colorful.

We have tried and tested much. We know what works and we are working it.

Us. Me and her. Individually abs together we work! We have love and with that love it allows us to leave fear behind because well I always got someone to catch me… And yes when I faultier or stumble she is always there.

A friend. You being one and having one… It is a key to success.. Love really does conquer all.



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