19-Day 3 0f 10

Today is the day I stop blaming. I am challenging you to do the same!

I am participating in a 10 days challenge with Jack Canfield (chicken soup for the soul guy/The Secret) Click the link if your interested!

Today is day3 of 10

Day 1. Read intro and write down 5 things I wanted to transform in my life.

1. Confidence in my ability to achieve my goals to continue to live in wealth, abundance, health and successfully.

2. Life, career, finical stability, comparability, growth, prosperity.

3. Extensive travel world wide for lea sure life of luxury and wealth comfort abundance and joy

4. Billionaires Status

5. An empire and legacy for myself, children and family.


Day 2. Read and complete the work sheet transforming our exudes into Action.


Day 3. Watch video” Liberate yourself from the blame game”, Create a list of 5-10 blaming behaviors you are going to eliminate from your life from this point forward; Create a list of NEW behaviors your going to use to reclaim TOTAL power per your own life.; Share your new behaviors!


Today I listed all of these things I used as a crutch and it ends today. Today I will be brave and let it go, accepting change.

1. I was a teen mom at 15 and I felt like a statistic, I was unmarried and a failure. It set me back and ruined my chances at many things

2. Lack of parental stability. My parents had some serious issues but hell

3. Lack of stability growing up, money, knowledge, and access.

4. Divorces

5. Ex’s actions of “lying and hurting me”

6. Past failures

7. Any person who “failed me”

8. Being fired

9. Foundation or the lack there of

10. Economy, “Them”; “They”, Not me


Today I am releasing any blame that I would put on ANYTHING & ANYONE outside of MYSELF. I am in Total control of myself!

Now rock on and you find yo ass something to change and take control of today. Stop giving away your power. TODAY.

That is all.




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