22-Find out what you love and let it kill you!!!


“If basic is all you do & surround yourself with your confused by anything else..”Gg

I read an article from Tim Ferris (4 hour work week guy) regarding how to accomplish a goal, but one of the things that stuck to me was presence and knowledge! He says in a round bout way that to be considered an expert you just have to know a little more than the person that proceeded you..

Well I’m here to say WATCH OUT NOW!! We are taking over the pinky!!

Yes one post, one blog, one weird ball and goff ball at a time..

Tony Gaskins jr. (A coach) Posted on fb a video today regarding opening your mind and keeping your legs closed… He is telling women how to see the situation from a male perspective… I applaude his honesty and I love his candor. Straight to the damn point!
90% of his clients are paying him for relationship “coaching”

Bahahaha shit me too!!! I’m funny and I cuss, I have a MASTERS degree in therapy,the skills, training, and experience.. Oh my magic! I see my future! Coach Gg

Who’s with me!?!?! I’m taking over the world!!!

“Don’t sell yourself for basement discounted pricing expecting billionaire quality returns” Gg



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