May 15, 2014
Hey y’all! :

Today we would like to offer you the opportunity to help us change lives through the re-telling of our story as friends of 23 plus years while leaving a legacy of change.

Thank you in advance for looking over our ideas.

For every rejection we say thank you for taking us one step closer to our success!

Below you will find our idea for a Late 80’s early 90’s based comedy/sitcom that is being retold from the adult perspective and blended all together to be funny while giving pointed life lessons.

It is our goal to give back and touch girls who were just like us and have now become women.

Name of the show: Air Force Brats


2 Teen girls Ages 13 and 14 and 2 adult women mid 30’s

13yo-Father (Officer Chaplin of the Us Air Force), step mother, paternal grandmother, paternal first cousin, and 1 yo sister.

14yo-Father (Top Secret Clearance) and Daughter

2 African American girls who meet for the first time in Hawaii and  on an Air Force Base; their fathers are active duty military; and how they become friends within 1.5 years only to keep that friendship alive over the next 15 years before they saw each other again.  This is a comedy about snail mail over internet; long distance charges and before call waiting. This is a love story that has spanned 23 years and is still going. We have had 8 kids, 4 marriage, 4 degrees and a shit load of crazy adventures to share.

1 from Mississippi and one from California.

The show is about their adventures in becoming best friends. wWo bother have fathers who are their primary care givers. One father is single the other is a Father and a Step Mother.

Welcome to our adventures!


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