25- The Jambalaya Jam Daily Talk Back


Join us LIVE tomorrow 10am-1pm for our FIRST Jambalaya Jam Daily Talk Back!

Here’s the rules!

Starting tomorrow between 10am and 1pm we will be live, Let’s talk! Hit us up via Facebook, Twitter or email.

FB- Throughtheshit
Email- Throughtheshit@gmail.com

Have a question? Send us 300 words or less via email, tweet or leave a comment!

Need some support? Have an issue that just can’t seem to getting resolved? Want some frank, to the point advice? Your in the rite spot! We can help.

Any topic we will respond! Sex, lust, love, family, work, career…

With backgrounds in therapy, behavioral modification and healthy care administration we are not Dr’a nor do we pretend to be ones!

We are 2 gals with suggestions that are highly opinionated based on education and experiences.

Jump in or watch the show! Either way come on by!

Daily At 1 pm we will close the discussion and choose 2 submission

1 Featured as our daily talk back
1 a personal coaching session!

We are ready!!! and your invited!!! This is our way of giving back and paying it forward! We adore FREE!

You have a chance to change and stop complaining!

Win a 1 of 2 daily guest prize spots!



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