31-Assumptions fuck off

I think to many folks forget that they live only in their worlds. What was the lesson you learned as a kid about assuming??!?!? Don’t!! Remember the ass outta you and me part?

I don’t really watch the news or gossip but when something “important” happens folks love to tell.

I finally got around to seeing the pic of Willow Smith on the bed.

I am beyond DISGUSTED with people who ASSUME, comment, and flame a situation they know nothing about. You think she was “traumatized” yeah thanks slopped brain helper for moving that train faster!

Our society encourages us to be superficial in our concern and fake with our sincerity. Get real fix your own home before you assume what’s wrong with another based on BEYOND limited knowledge… a fuckin picture at best, really!!!

As mature adults we should have hypothesis based on ideas that are basedbon factual ideas.. Not assumptions. How presumptuous for a STRANGER to think they can better see through a fuckin pic what is going on in a family dynamic…

The disgusting things said about a CHILD and her family and those that stand by and agree or stay silent.. is disgusting and just as bad as any other injustice we stand by and allow.

I’m a social work who has seen bad… I don’t condone abuse, ever I expect people to show genuine concern not disgusting envy. Where was the wagon when the 50+ year old actor married his 16 year old girl friend and divorced her at 19 here in the US, WTF where you flappin birds at then!??



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