Its been a while.

I moved 1700 miles give or take a few and left my old life behind. I made the decision to move in about 3 weeks time start to finish.

I sold or gave up every thing that could not fit in the back of a dodge charger with 4 other passengers. Yes one bag each is about how it worked out. At some point the price of staying was not worth more than the rewards of leaving.

So I drove and along the way I met a man sitting at a gas station. He was older and he had an injury. We got to talking and I learned that he had experienced a really bad car accident 30+ years ago and he had survived but was left disabled. We talked and I found that just that day I had a reason to keep going. Yeah it wasn’t a revelation it was just a pit stop and one of many with a kid that is 4 and 9 and then 19 and 2 women.. Goodness

I have 2 small children and their father is active and wants to keep them. I have no issue with this in fact I welcome the opportunity for him to do it all and I get a break. I will have the kidlets on the holidays and breaks while he does school, sure sign me up!

That means I can travel during the off season!!! SCORE! Life is not perfect, shit happens. I was married for 10 years and shit happened and now well now life must go on!

I am in a new place doing new things and well, I can say that life is good.


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