Unequivocally Unapologetic

Hey yall! Happy New Year and all the other holiday and what not non religious or religious good cheer and will. Take it as I am wishing you and your well, yeah, good.

K so I have to let y’all know what I have been up to. I have had some very good life changes.

1. I moved from California to Oklahoma and then from Oklahoma to New York City.

2. I am no longer a full time mom

3. I am happy

Yep I cant make this shit up so ENJOY!

Aug of 2014 I woke up and well I had had enough and I was #getting through the shit. I know enough with my training to get through something you have to change. Thats it, yourself, the environment, the situation. What ever, pick something and change it. So I did. I changed my perspective of myself. I started with me and I worked myself inside out. And to save a lot of dramatic BS Ill just tell you that I was ready to go. At any cost I was ready for a change and I was willing to do anything to gain it.

I sold everting I owned and what I could not sell I threw away or gave away in the matter of 3 weeks. I cleared my 1700+ sq. foot home and left driving a Dodge car, gray with every seat taken. My son 19, my daughter 3, my son 9, by BF and co author Tink. The car held every thing I now owned and loved the most. We drove for 2 days, and I started over. Did I mention I am almost 37. I have been a full time momma for 20 years.

My ex-husband began a custody battle and long story short over the next few months he has stated I kidnapped our children which gained him an order to return them to state. Once in state he petitions for custody and my children are now in his care and he is custodial parent. Now here is my thing, I have 2 options.




I choose acceptance. I choose to take advantage of my first time freedom. I have been a mother for 20+ years to 3 that I have given birth to and 3 more I birthed from my heart. I accept that life is not how we want it to be but rather how it is.

My children’s father felt so strongly within himself that despite 10 years of marriage, taking care of his kids, he now believed that I had stollen his children and that he needed to report this to the state. Stollen them and told him exaclty where I was taking them.

He believed them in so much danger that I could not and would not care for my children better then he would, along with his mother, father, my mother, my step mother, my aunties (2), my cousin, my 3 siblings and a smorgasbord of other folks… I won’t bore you any more, needless to say, I was so FLATTERED!!!! LOL

I hope yall read my sarcasm… Look I see right threw the BS. Most times you have to give people what they want even if they don’t know what they are asking for. (Think about the 10K bucks lol )

I have been given a golden ticket, a genie in a bottle! I have been given an opportunity of a life time! To be a child free adult! OMYGoodness! I think I might pee myself!

What most folks wont admit and I will. Parenting is not for PUNKS. I have sacrificed and given and done without by choice and not by choice. I have loved and encouraged my children and all off that BLAH BLAH BLAH. Non of that changes because of where I choose to reside. Period so yeah well. I am not apologizing. I am doing what I want to do, living a life that is…

Unequivocally Unapologetic


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