We all

Have the moments when we doubt
When we are fearful and wish it wasn’t us.
We all have the moments of despair

If you can hold on
If you can refocus
If you can gain control of YOU.

You will find yourself on the other side of the things you thought impossible.

A year ago I was living in another state, stressed and unsure of what and WHY. I made it though that year and now Im in a new state and my life is NOTHING like it was last year this time’

I am smaller in size, healthier again this year then each year before, I am solid in my worth and what I want out of this life. The ability to manifest my desires to fruition is a gift we all have, some of us just understand that it is all within us.

Practice makes us better.
I am a sinner, I am no saint and I don’t pretend nor claim to ever be. What I am is raw and really and funny once you pick yourself up from being confused and slightly confused.

This shit is real, this is not a practice run. Enjoy or Hide you kids, spouses, and friends I will fuck them up with my goodness…


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