I will no longer remain silent. The invisible damages of Domestic Abuse. We don’t all carry our scares on the outside. 

I flew 3000+ miles to see my children a few extra days. 

My ex husband has said no. 


Because he’s mad. That’s the bottom line. Because he feels a need to punish me. Because he feels drunk on power. Because he doesn’t care about the well being of our children. 

Yet I have to prove this. I have to now prove I’m worthy to see my children. I have raised them for 20 years and now in less than 6 months im irrelevant. 

My children are now inaccessible to me. I have to fight and prove I’m their mother. I am black I have no lawyer. He is the police. I am now invisible and my children are the ones with no voice. So I’m advocating and asking for help. 

I’m a Social Worker and I know that there is strength in telling our stories. In seeking help. I didn’t want to tell how bad it was because I tried to minimize my situation and say it wasn’t that bad. 

But the truth is I am a survived of domestic abuse and my abuser is still actively abusing me. 

Because I have no bruses that you can see, doesn’t mean they are not real. My abuse is silent and dangerous. I will no longer remain silent.  


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