Repost-10 terrifying bridges that will make you squirm

Go Marula

These bridges are utterly bewildering. Why were they even built? Has anyone evercrossed them? And why are two of them in France?

The good news is, despite them being utterly traumatizing to look at, let alone cross, none of them are in the UK so the chance of you taking the scenic route home from your aunt and uncles’ and ending up on one of these monstrosities is pretty unlikely.

Go on, take a look at the world’s most terrifying bridges…

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Repost-Pay it Forward!–How Much Should You Save and Budget for South America?


Expanding on my first blog on How to Budget for Backpacking and Long-term Travel, I thought it would be good to provide some more detail on how much we budgeted for our trip in South America….

Loosely we used the £1000/$1600 a month rule to start with

With an outward flight booked just before the start of March, we at least wanted to last until Christmas. So £10,000 each sounded like a good total to aim for.


Once we browsed a bookstore we used the following prices as daily spends (all in US dollars, correct as of Sept 2013). We used these as a basis for our budget…we took the comfortable (upper) daily budgets then we planned for a month in each country …

  Total for 30 days
Argentina $50 (Basic) $80 (comfortable) $2,400
Bolivia $15 $28 $840
Brazil $55 $85 $2,550
Chile $40 $60 $1,800
Colombia $50

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1-Welcome and fuckety fucky fuck fuck.

Welcome TTS.

Pop a squat, enjoy the ride.

Lets make this clear

What this IS

  • a place for the faint of heart we will give your courage or at least make you realize that you peed your pants
  • the PC because we like to offend because its funny and really not that serious
  • the one who gets offended and send a note before you do it, we should tell you we will post it and comment on it and well  we are NOT shy
  • for those who judged because you have forgotten empathy and the humanity of living
  • or those who are afraid to admit they are judging… lol well read the above, we all need humanity and we are all living

I am Gg, and my partner in crime, co-writer, and friend is Bd.

  • 2 gals that have been friends for 22+ years.
  • We have random thoughts provoked by well random things and we are FRIENDLY, so we are sharing.
  •  We will make you cry, laugh, gasp, and come back for more after

Many others have run away to hide, many more will follow bahahahah

It is our goal and ambition to widdle it down to a almost cult following of others who, well, just get it.

Welcome to the odd balls, the freaks, the outsiders, the middles, the folks that make the world go round, silently or with a bang.

You are welcome here.

P.s Go to the shout out page! Add your blog , your site, you! Pass it along and add your friends! Its our way of paying it forward Y’all!